Microchipping vs QR Tag

Microchipping has become the go-to resource for retrieving lost pets if they ever go missing, but a QR code pet tag like the one MyPetsEID offers is a healthier and more efficient solution for your pet.  

Microchips are typically injected underneath the pet’s skin between their shoulder blades. The microchip is around the size of a grain of rice (12 mm). It’s permanent and can’t be removed. The only data on the microchip is a unique ID number. The entire microchip process relies on the owner keeping the contact information up to date. Whatever is on file is what they use to contact you if your beloved pet is ever away from home. There are a very limited amount of people and/or places that can obtain the information off this chip.  

The QR code pet tag is non-invasive in comparison since the data is located on the back of a pet tag that is attached to the pet’s collar. Any person that finds a pet with this QR tag can scan it, get the information they need for contacting support instantly, who then will be in touch with the owner or one of their trusted contacts.  Facilitating a quick reunion. 

To be fair, microchipping has evolved over the years and now includes an anti-migration feature to prevent the chips from moving around on the pet over time, but there is still always a chance of the pet’s body rejecting a foreign object. 

Microchips are made of bio compatible materials so as not to not harm the pet and resist break down as time passes. However, not all microchips have gone through this evolution. Some microchips can still cause harm to the pet based on the materials they’re made of. These chips can move around, cause extra tissue growth, and even deteriorate as the pet gets older.  

A microchip includes one ID number and that’s all the information that it carries. A QR code is much more versatile with the sheer amount of data it can store while being scanned in a similar way. The QR code stores more data, is easier to update, and MyPetsEID even offers free customer service that can assist you if you aren’t able to update your contact information yourself.  

The QR code is also much more likely to help return a lost pet to its home and back to its family where it belongs quicker than a microchip. While sensitive information like health and medical records are only available to trusted individuals chosen by the owner after they register their pet, the fact that that is included at all on the QR code pet tag is a worthwhile benefit that microchipping doesn’t even begin to address or cover.  

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Press Release

International Alliance Technologies Launches My Pet’s Emergency ID Featuring QR Capabilities and Medical Use

Tech company aims to better protect pets by introducing modernized ID tag coupled with free, connected service that provides aid to pets when they are sick, injured or lost


LAS VEGAS, April 20, 2021 (Newswire.com) – Facing the sad truth that approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States each year, International Alliance Technologies motions to launch its marquee product, a QR code pet ID tag, on April 26. The tag is connected to an information database that is free to utilize upon activation. The database includes protected personal information, such as the owner’s address and phone number, medical records, veterinarian contact information, and more, while also granting access to 24/7 customer service.

Financiers and co-founders of the QR code pet tag, branded as My Pet’s Emergency ID, or MyPetsEID, say that this innovative ID tag is “like having a seat belt around your pet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Key safety features of MyPetsEID:

  • Medical record storage for efficient, tailored treatment
  • Loss prevention of pets
  • Security for sensitive information

Standard pet tags are typically used for decoration, along with sharing the pet’s name, a phone number to reach the owner, and maybe an address. MyPetsEID encompasses all of that information, and more, stored with an easy-to-use QR Code. Its main function is to reunite lost pets and owners. Additionally, the groundbreaking aspect of MyPetsEID is that sensitive information, including the owner’s name, address, and phone number, is not accessed by strangers. MyPetsEID aims to bring lost pets home at no risk to the owner.

This exclusive pet tag is also designed to bring aid to pets even in the worst scenarios. If a pet has been injured or suffers from any underlying health conditions, their medical records are accessible by the chosen veterinarian and any other first responders needing to apply them. This leads to effective treatment of the pet’s ailment(s) while avoiding any unnecessary, and costly, medical tests or procedures.

*Orders for MyPetsEID will be available starting April 26. A three-week processing and delivery time is required for any initial purchases, meaning orders should arrive by May 17.

About International Alliance Technologies

International Alliance Technologies also owns and operates a publishing acquisition firm known as Churchell Hill Van Cleef Publishers and F&M Numerous, a high-quality, Euro-esque manufacturer in Thailand known for its beautiful, high-quality handbags, women’s consumer products, purses, and accessories.

International Alliance Technologies aims to be a completely self-sufficient tech company. As an organization, it performs all of its own technology, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. This means the company does not have to rely on Amazon, Shopify, PetSmart or Petco to ship out or handle its products. International Alliance Technologies does everything itself based out of its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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